About Us

Siam Feather Products

Siam Feather Products Co., Ltd. (SFP) has been processing and supplying the finest quality Duck and Goose Down and Feather products for the international market since the 1940’s. We are a member of the International Down and Feather Bureau.

SFP is a company dedicated to quality, flexibility, and above all customer satisfaction. We pledge to our customers an unconditional commitment to service and excellence. SFP is a flexible manufacturer, able to satisfy constant market demand through the production of a broad range of products.

Additional Information

  • Complete manufacturing control: Feather & Down processing, grading as well as sewing
  • Internal and external quality assurance processes: our laboratory is recognised by the International Down and Feather Laboratory and meets their testing standards
  • High quality products backed by the highest warranties
  • Continued hospitality leadership
  • Extensive product range
  • Hypo allergenic & asthma friendly products
  • Compliance with Oeko-tex standard 100
  • Expert in-house cleaning duvets and pillows
  • Product service and rejuvenation (contact us for more information)


Company History

The Downia Group of Companies has its heritage dating back to 1911, when the first feather and down processing plant was established at Glebe in Sydney, Australia. The operating company, Australian Feather Mills Pty. Ltd. (AFM) was incorporated in 1937, one year after the Australian Companies Act was promulgated. AFM is currently the market leader in feather and down in Australia.

In 1975, the Company moved from Glebe to Smithfield and then by 1986, the company had out grown the Smithfield facilities and moved to Wetherill Park, which is the current location. All moves were to freehold facilities and in Sydney. The Wetherill Park plant saw extensive investments in automation in its manufacturing facilities, but economic necessity in 2002 required moving much of the manufacturing offshore to the current headquarters in Thailand.

The late Keith Hyland, son of the founder, was stationed in Southeast Asia during World War II with the Australian Army, and he came to Thailand after the War, stayed and founded in 1946 Siam Feather and Forest Products Co., Ltd. Then in 1953, he moved to Vietnam and established Saigon Feather Mills.

Siam Feather Products Co., Ltd. (SFP), a Thailand based feather and down and finished products manufacturing company is head office for the Downia Group of companies and is one of the oldest feather and down manufacturing operations throughout Australasia. The Company established its core business in the processing of raw feather and down and in the manufacture of down filled products. SFP operates from freehold facilities located on a canal off the main Chao Phraya river running through Bangkok.The factory has a customs bonded warehouse on site allowing raw materials and fabrics to be easily imported and then re-exported as finished products.

All group companies are privately owned.

The group currently operates in: Thailand, Australia, China and throughout Asia Pacific.